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Marie started dancing at 3 years old. Modern jazz, GRS, classical, contemporary dance… She discovers all these disciplines with passion over the years. She will carry out high-level studies (political science preparatory class) and 3 years of professional training with Anne Marie Porras (Epsedanse) and Marco Cattoi (Mondapart). Alain Gruttadaura had a big impact on her vision of modern dance. Then, from her first Salsa lesson it is a revelation; The passion for Latin dances will never leave her. She taught very quickly in south of France, and create her first dance school Mambo Jazz in 2008. In 2010, she left to train and dance with Yamulee Dance Company in New York; There, she perfected the ON 2 technique and style of mambo by joining Yamulee Dance Company. This experience in US will change her life for ever. 

Marie and Damien created Alegria Dance Company upon their return to France in 2011. Based today in Nîmes in their own Dance Studio, Marie teach Salsa ON2, Fusion (modern dance and Salsa), train her semi-pro team Matiagua and her professional company ALEGRIA on a daily program, and perform all over the world.

Her Dance History : 


  • 2012-2015 : Salsa technical development through Afro Cuban and Pachanga internship in New York. Training in West Coast Swing with Maxence Martin.


  • 2012 : Creation of the professional company Alegria D.C.


•       2010 - 2011 : Professional Latin Dance Training in New York in the International Company Yamulee Dance company – Obtaining the diploma from the Yamulee School.


                               Contemporary and modern jazz dance training in New York in the choreographic centers Broadway Dance Center and Peridance. (Jana Hicks, Max Stone, Brice Mousset)


•       2008 : Creation of her first dance school MAMBO JAZZ

  • 2007 – 2008 : Professional training in the Dance center "  Mondapart ", St Dionysis: 

Ballet dance with Martine Berland

Contemporary Dance with  Patrice Acunzo and Pascale Franco

Jazz with Alain Gruttadauria 


                              Training salsa, rock, ballroom dancing (ballroom and Argentinian tango, waltz, paso doble) with Olivier Tourel in Montpellier – Ecole Duo Danses-



•       2004 – 2006 :    Professional training in the Dance center" EPSE DANSE" , Montpellier:

Ballet Dance with Rudy Bryans

Contemporary Dance  with Françoise Texier

Jazz with Anne Marie Porras and Anne laure Giraud




·        2021- 2022 : Choreographer and dancer for the american musician Joachim Horsley – Clip / Projets vidéo 

·        2012 – 2022 : General and Artistic Director/ Principal Dancer Alegria D.C :


Creator of Latin dance shows, in collaboration with Damien Cheret and performer all over the world.

Creator of dance-theater shows: "Alice" and "Entre deux Ames" / see website.

Amérique : Dallas in 2013, (

                   Toronto in 2012

                  New-York in 2013 and 2016 


Europe :    Amsterdam in 2012

                  Milan from 2012 to 2014

                 Barcelone in 2015

                 Dresden in 2015 and 2016, (

                 Budapest in 2016


Asia :        Singapore in 2016

                  Seoul in 2014 and 2015


France :    Paris every year since 2011 (

                Bordeaux every year since 2012 (

                La Rochelle (Ile de Ré) since 2012 (

                Marseille every year since 2013.

  •  August 2017 /  August 2015 : Alegria DC's Asia tour. 

Logistics organization and management of the company Alegria, Performer.


                           Japan :    Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kumamoto 

                           Korea :    Seoul, Busan 

                           India :      Mumbai 

  • August  2016 : Creation of a Dance show with Guillaume Lorentz at SWOB (

  • 2010 - 2011: Dancer in the professional Yamulee Dance Company in New York City. Salsa dancer in the Company Bajari of Yamulee in New York during many shows in New York (Salsa Congresses, Salsa Evenings, Salsa Events, Inaugurations …)

  • 2008 :Dancer performer of the Alain Gruttadauria company " La Licorne " Dancer performer in the piece "Les Secrets" by Alain Gruttadauria at the Municipal Theater of Thionville.


  • 2006 – 2007 : Dancer performer of a solo danced at the national theater of Nîmes. Dancer performer in shows at the EPSE Danse training center. 


•      2005 – 2006 : Dancer performs in EPSE Danse shows as well as in Marco Cattoï shows in various theaters in France and Italy.


  • 1996 : International Festival in Dusseldorf / Compagnie Vie d’Artiste.




  • 2011-2022 : Founder of the ALEGRIA DANCE STUDIO in collaboration with Damien Cheret.


  • Pedagogical director at the Alegria school.


  • Co-director and teacher of the professional company Alegria.


  • Coaching of semi-pro team and professional dancers: Tokyo, Budapest, Strasbourg….


  • Teaches modern dance, contemporary dance, Salsa, Mambo, Fusion and Chacha from beginner to professional levels at:

Rovjnic salsa (CROATIA): Teacher and performer at the 12th edition


New York Salsa Congress : Teacher and performer at the 2013 edition


Paris International Salsa Congress : Teacher and performer 2016 and 2017à-l-affiche.html


Milan Salsa ON2 : Teacher and performer at the 2015 edition



  • Creation of shows and Bootcamps in many European and worldwide internships. Many private, semi-private and group lessons all over the world in different schools, events, festivals...


•     2011 : Lady Style and Salsa teacher at many national and international congresses. (Paris, Montpellier, Monaco…)

  • 2011 –2009 : Mambo teacher in New York with the Yamulee Dance Company 


•     2008 - 2006 : Teacher of Couple Dance, Salsa, Rock, Ballroom Dances, Paso Doble, Waltz within Mambo Jazz and at many national Dance Congresses – Weekly lessons in Nîmes and Montpellier.



  • 2006 – 2007 : Teacher  in Modern’ Jazz in the association Carpe Diem, Milhaud. Teacher and assistant in salsa, rock and ballroom dancing at the Duo-Danses school in Castelnau le Lez.

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